Demo Status Virtual
Config Replacements
Age of Empires 2 fails to start
Age of Mythology has issues YES Config
Battle.net ok no not needed
Caesar fails to start
Call of Duty: Burnville fails to start
Call of Duty: Dawnville fails to start
Call of Duty 2 ok no Config
Command & Conquer: Tiberium Sun has issues YES Config
Condemned: Criminal Origins ok no Config
Crysis has issues no Config
Crysis Sandbox Editor has issues no
Diablo 2 has issues YES Config
Dungeon Siege has issues YES
Dungeon Siege 2
EVE Online ok no
F.E.A.R. ok no Config
Hearthstone ok no
Hero Editor v1.04 ok no
Hitman: Bloody Money ok no Config
Hitman: Contracts has issues YES Config
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin ok no Config
LMS fails to start
Mafia fails to start Config
Nox fails to start Config
Prey has issues no Config
Robin Hood: Legend of Sherwood fails to start
Rollercoaster Tycoon ok either
RuneScape 3 ok no
SiegeEditor fails to start
SimCity 3000 has issues YES Config
Stronghold has issues YES
Unreal Engine 2 Runtime has issues YES Config
Unreal Tournament has issues YES
Unreal Tournament 2004 ok no Config
Warlords fails to start
World of Warcraft fails to start