honzi.cz/Personal Bests/South Park
Statistic PB
Achievements 12/50 (24%)
Armor 23
Chinpokomon 19/30 (63.3333333%)
Equipment 51/103 (49.5145631%)
Friends 54
HP 4,445
Level 13
Net Worth $126.25
PP 24
Junk/Consumables PB
"Fatty Doo Doo" DVD 1
"Gazunga's" Gentleman's Magazine 1
"What Are These Changes?" VHS 1
"What Happened To My School?" 4
Afghani Goat 1
Alabama Man 3
Antonio Banderas Love Doll 1
Armband 21
Asses of Fire 2 poster 1
Baby Fark McGee-zax's Broken Pistol 1
Barry Bonds Bat 1
Baseball Card 36
Bass Guitar 1
Battered Shield 1
BFF Necklace 1
Big Mamba Condoms 1
Biggest Douche Award 1
Bindle 6
Black Thunder 1
Bottle Cap 64
Bottle of Sunscreen 7
Bowling Trophey 1
Brad Pitt Survival Gear Kit 1
Broken Bottle 6
Broken Sword Hilt 36
Bruce Vilanch Headshot 1
Butters' Creamy Goo 1
Cafeteria Fraiche 1
Calculator 4
Canadian Adoption Papers 1
Cardboard Roll 31
Ceramic Shard 65
Charm Bracelet 1
Cherokee Hair Tampon 3
Chicken Bones 40
Cloth Fragment 15
Cog on a Spring 22
Coon Poster 1
Crack Pipe 1
Crank Prank Time Phone 1
Crumpled Lantern 5
Crumpled Paper 77
Cure Potion 10
Cyborg Bill Action Figure 1
Destroyed Lazer Pistol 5
DMV Literature 1
Dreidel 1
Elf Ear 35
Empty Glue Bottle 4
Faith +1 CD 1
Fish Sticks 2
Fork 7
Fractured Bulb 52
Fractured Slingshot 2
Girls' List 1
Glass Shard 71
Glowing Crystal Fragment 14
Glowing Goo 15
GSM Button 4
Guinea Pig Costume 1
Hawaiian ID Card 1
Head of the Powell Statue 1
Health Potion (Large) 2
Health Potion (Small) 29
Highlighter 8
Ice Cream 4
Ike's Chewing Tabacco 1
Ike's Love Drawing 1
Inspector Butters Badge 1
Jack Rabbit 1
Jew Scout Guide 1
Lice 2
Lil' Crime Stopper Badges 1
Lil' Minis Condoms 1
Lion King DVD 1
Macaroni Pictures 1
Mahalo Rewards Card 1
Mana Potion (Large) 1
Mana Potion (Small) 2
Marker 8
Medical Marijuana Card 1
Metrosexual Hair Gel 1
Microchip 20
Mr. Twig 1
Mysterion Picture 1
NASCAR Members Club ID 1
Needle Sharp Fang 12
No. 2 Pencil 9
Okama Gamesphere 4
Old Baseball Glove 21
Old Sponge 22
Packet of Sea People 2
Penis Composite Sketch 1
Phil Collins' Oscar 1
Phillip Action Figure 20
Picture of Wendy 1
Pile of Splinters 19
Pinewood Derby Car 1
Popcorn Necklaces 1
Power Potion 10
Power Potion (Large) 7
Pubes 11
Purity Ring 1
Purple Passion 1
Raisins Girl Picture 1
Randy's DUI Record 1
Rectal Photography Kit 4
Revive Potion 5
Roll of Tin Foil 1
Rusty Pipe 14
S'mores Schnapps 3
Safety Scissors 6
Sarcastaball Trophy 1
School Book 3
Screwdriver 7
Sea-Man Action Figure 1
Shake Weight 1
Shattered Arrow 30
Shattered Scimitar Blade 3
Shit Nugget 5
Shredded Plastic 34
Small Locket 1
Small Paw 1
Soap on a Rope 2
Space Cash 12
Sparky's Leash 1
Speed Potion 10
Spoiled City Sushi 1
Spoiled Clamato Juice 1
Spoon 7
Squished Eyeball 3
STANground Scause 1
Strength Potion 10
Striped Straw 27
Stupid Spoiled Whore Doll 1
Sunbrella 6
Sunshine Sparkle Stickers 2
Super Phun Thyme Tickets 1
Tap Shoes 1
Terrance Action Figure 19
The Mexican Staring Frog 1
The Milkman 1
The Poop that Took a Pee 15
The Sword of a Thousand Truths 1
Toilet Paper 1
Torn Bed Sheet 2
Torn Cloak Fragment 20
Torn Condom 1
Toy Car 36
Toy Horse 2
Toy Truck 23
Tuft of Fur 6
Turd Sandwich Ballot 2
TV Award 5
Urinal Deuce 1
USB Drive 13
Used Firework 7
Used Jaggon 7
Used Syringe 10
Video Game 6
Wad of Web 2
Water Balloon 6
Well-Shined Boots 6
White Trash In Trouble VHS 1
Wild Wacky Action Bike 2
Wing CD 1
Alien Gloves
Alien Helmet
Alien Probe
Alien Suit
Assassin Gloves
Assassin Mask
Assassin Robes
Axe of Stopping
Bar Darts
Billy Club of Smiting
Bow of Sucking
Broken Bottle
Club of Smiting
Clyde's Helmet
Crossbow of Impalement
Crutch of Weakness
Druid Crown
Druid Gloves
Druid Robes
Du Rag
Elven Ranger Armor
Elven Ranger Cap
Elven Ranger Gloves
Elvish Shortbow
Fatbeard's Blade
Fighter's Armor
Fighter's Gauntlets of Defense
Fighter's Helm of Insight
Fire Sword
Friar Cap
Friar Gloves
Friar Robes
Gas Mask
Goth Cap
Goth Clothes
Goth Gloves
Halberd of the Warrior
Holy Defender Gloves
Holy Defender Helmet
Holy Defender Robes
Jester's Cap
Jewish Staff
Kenny's Bloody Club
Khan Armor
Khan Gauntlets
Khan Helm
KKK Armor
KKK Gloves
KKK Helmet
Kris Dagger
Lightning Wand
Mace of Restoration
Magic Wand
Miniture Gong
Missile of Slowing
Necromancer Robes
Noob Hammer
Piece of Poo
Rawhide Whip
Rogue's Dagger
Sickle Sword of the Faithful
Slashing Blade of the Ranger
Sorcerer Gloves
Sorcerer Hood
Sorcerer Robes
Squire Gloves
Squire Helmet
Staff of Winter
Sweaty Headband
Training Gloves
Warrior's Axe
Warrior's Blade
Warrior's Longsword
Warrior's Scimitar
Wife Beater
Wire Frame Glasses
Wood Elf Cap
Wood Elf Gloves
Wooden Crossbow
Patches, Strap-Ons
Action Hero Badge
Alien Defense Matrix
Alien Energy Crystal
Animal Testicle
Arrow Patch
Axe Patch
Battery Label
Bow and Arrow Patch
Boxing Badge
Bubblegum Wrapper
Buckyball Magnets
Candy Bar Wrapper
Chef's Skewer
Crossed Sword Patch
Cult Pamphlet
Daywalker Patch
Dead Bird
Elvish Loyalty Patch
Exoskeleton Patch
Fingerless Glove Patch
Flame Patch
Flaming Sword Patch
Glass Shard
Iron Crossguard
Iron Hilt
Large Shield Sticker
Lightning Sticker
Lit Match
Mace Patch
Moldy Patch
Page of Unfinished Homework
Plastic Vampire Teeth
Quiver Patch
Red Cross Badge
Rock Candy Wrapper
Shard of a Beer Bottle
Shattered Anal Probe
Shit-stained Badge
Skull Sticker
Small Butane Torch
Small Magnet
Small Shield Sticker
Snowball Patch
South Park Cows Patch
Sparkly Heart Sticker
Studded Dog Collar
Suit of Armor Patch
Sword and Shield Patch
Sword Patch
Tesla Coil
Thorny Patch
Tuft of Ginger Pubic Hair
Valkyrie Patch
Weightlifting Patch
Wooden Crossguard
Wooden Hilt
Zippo Lighter
Zombie Flesh
3D Glasses
50's Glasses
0's Shades
80's Action Hero Wig
80's Action Shades
Anchor Beard
Bad Irene Wig
Bald Cap
Bandage and Cut
Bandit Facepaint
Barbarian Wig
Bartenders 'stache
Batframe Glasses
Beatnik Mustache
Bird's Nest
Black Eye
Black Eyeliner
Blunt Wig
Bob Wig
Bun Wig
Butters' Squirrel Nose
Buzz Cut
Cartman Comb-over
Celtic Battle Paint
Claw Marks
Clover Facepaint
Coffin Glasses
Disheveled Wig
Damien Wig
Double Chin
Emo Wig
Evil Cartman Goatee
Eye Black
Flat Top Wig
Generic Glasses
Generic Sunglasses
Genghis Khan
Ginger Bowltop
Ginger Fro
Glee Wig
Goth Skull Makeup
Grandpa Vampire Wig
Halfling Wig
Healer's Patch
Ice Cube
Klingon Beard
Kyle's Muttonchops
Long Hair Wig
Major Mustache
Messy Facepaint
Mongorian Beard
Monk's Tonsure
Pan Flautist
Pentagram Tattoo
Pigtails Wig
Rapper Beard
Retro Glam Makeup
Round Rim Glasses
Round Rim Shades
Rosy Cheeks
Side Show Wig
Slicked-back Wig
Skull Facepaint
Small Shield Stickr
Sporty Glasses
Stan's Mudbeard
Star Facepaint
Surfer Wig
Teardrop Tattoo
Thick Rim Glasses
Thief Wig
Timmy Wig
Token Wig
Untidy Wig
Wings Facepaint
Wizard Beard
Zombie Flesh
Action Hero Badge
Chu-Chu Nezumi