honzi.cz/Personal Bests/Spiral Knights
Statistic PB
Achievements 34/54 (62.9629630%)
Energy 0
Rank 6-2
Most Crowns 8,000
Prestige 5,340
Battle Sprite 6
4 Star Arsenal Type Item Recipe
Ascended Calibur Sword known
Master Blast Bomb Bomb known
Master Blaster Handgun known
Mighty Cobalt Armor Armor known
Mighty Cobalt Helm Helmet known
Mighty Defender Shield known
3 Star Arsenal Type Item Recipe
Arc Razor Sword known
Boosted Plate Helm Helmet known
Boosted Plate Mail Armor known
Boosted Plate Shield Shield known
Brute Jelly Band Trinket owned
Cautery Sword Sword known
Choice Katnip Pouch Trinket owned
Cryotech Alchemer Mk2 Handgun known
Deconstructor Bomb known
Dewy Wetstone Pendant Trinket owned
Drake Scale Helm Helmet known
Elemental Cloak Armor known
Fireburst Brandish Sword known
Firotech Alchemer Mk2 Handgun known
Great Defender Shield owned known
Gunslinger Hat Helmet owned known
Gunslinger Sash Armor owned known
Horned Owlite Shield Shield known
Kamarin Sword known
Magnus Handgun known
Needle Shot Handgun known
Pepperbox Handgun known
Prismatech Alchemer Mk2 Handgun known
Redwood Bracelet Trinket owned
Shadowtech Alchemer Mk2 Handgun known
Solid Cobalt Armor Armor owned known
Solid Cobalt Helm Helmet known
Super Blast Bomb Bomb known
Super Blaster Handgun owned known
Swiftstrike Buckler Shield known
Tempered Calibur Sword owned known
Voltech Alchemer Mk2 Handgun known
Woven Grizzly Sentinel Armor Armor known
2 Star Arsenal Type Item Recipe
Autogun Handgun known
Blast Bomb Bomb owned known
Blaster Handgun known
Brandish Sword owned known
Bristling Buckler Shield owned
Calibur Sword known
Cobalt Armor Armor known
Cobalt Helm Helmet owned known
Cryotech Alchemer Handgun known
Crystal Bomb Bomb known
Crystal Pin Trinket owned
Cutter Sword known
Dark Matter Bomb Bomb owned known
Defender Shield known
Driftwood Bracelet Trinket owned
Fiery Vaporizer Bomb known
Firebreak Armor Armor known
Firebreak Helm Helmet known
Firotech Alchemer Handgun known
Flourish Sword known
Freezing Vaporizer Bomb known
Haze Bomb Bomb known
Hearthstone Pendant Trinket owned
Icebreaker Shield Shield known
Jelly Band Trinket owned
Jelly Helm Helmet known
Jelly Mail Armor known
Jelly Shield Shield known
Katnip Pouch Trinket owned
Magic Cloak Armor known
Magic Hood Helmet known
Owlite Shield Shield known
Pathfinder Helm Helmet known
Plate Shield Shield owned known
Prismatech Alchemer Handgun known
Searing Edge Sword known
Sentinel Helm Helmet known
Shade Armor Armor known
Shadowtech Alchemer Handgun known
Shard Bomb Bomb known
Shocking Edge Sword known
Silver Amulet Trinket owned
Skelly Charm Trinket owned
Skelly Mask Helmet owned known
Skelly Shield Shield known
Skelly Suit Armor owned known
Slumber Smogger Bomb known
Snarble Barb Sword owned
Spine Cone Bomb owned
Spiral Demo Helm Helmet known
Spiral Demo Suit Armor known
Spiral Plate Helm Helmet known
Spiral Plate Mail Armor known
Splinter Bomb Bomb known
Spur Sword known
Toxic Vaporizer Bomb known
Troika Sword known
Volt Breaker Armor Armor known
Volt Breaker Helm Helmet known
Volt Breaker Shield Shield known
Voltech Alchemer Handgun known
Warm Fire Crystal Rarity owned known
Wetstone Pendant Trinket owned
White Laurel Trinket owned
Wolver Cap Helmet known
Wolver Coat Armor known
Wrench Wand Sword known
1 Star Arsenal Type Item Recipe
Big Beast Basher Sword owned known
Bolted Blade Sword known
Circuit Breaker Armor Armor known
Circuit Breaker Helm Helmet known
Circuit Breaker Shield Shield known
Cold Snap Bomb owned known
Dim Fire Crystal Rarity owned known
Emberbreak Armor Armor known
Emberbreak Helm Helmet known
Emberbreak Shield Shield owned known
Firecracker Bomb owned known
Force Buckler Shield owned known
Frostbreaker Armor Armor known
Frostbreaker Helm Helmet known
Frostbreaker Shield Shield known
Frost Gun Handgun owned known
Heavy Hatchet Sword owned known
Hot Edge Sword owned known
Pummel Gun Handgun owned known
Rugged Robo Wrecker Sword known
Scale Shield Shield known
Spiral Scale Helm Helmet owned known
Spiral Scale Mail Armor owned known
Static Edge Sword owned known
Super Slime Slasher Sword owned known
Super Stun Gun Handgun owned known
Thwack Hammer Sword owned known
Zapper Handgun owned known
0 Star Arsenal Type Item Recipe
Beast Basher Sword owned
Cracked Fire Crystal Rarity owned known
Cyclops Cap Helmet owned
Fencing Jacket Armor owned
Hatchet Sword owned
Iron Buckler Shield owned
Mining Hat Helmet owned
Proto Bomb Bomb owned
Proto Gun Handgun owned
Proto Shield Shield owned
Proto Sword Sword owned
Punch Gun Handgun owned
Robo Wrecker Sword owned
Seraphynx Battle Pet owned
Slime Slasher Sword owned
Spiral Draped Armor Armor owned
Spiral Sallet Helmet owned
Stun Gun Handgun owned
Starless ETC Now Most
Ancient Page 5 5
Bark Module 7 7
Brittle Candy 0 12
Cake Slice 13 13
Confetti 1 1
Forge Spark 11 11
Frumious Fang 1 12
Golden Slime Coin 7 7
Gold Lockbox 1 1
Grim Spark 2 6
Hard Candy 0 2
Jelly Gem 4 4
Primal Spark 3 21
Sour Candy 0 5
Spark of Life 34 34
Sweet Candy 0 5
Trick or Treat Confetti 1 1
4 Star Materials Now Most
Advanced Evo Catalyst 1 1
Blaze Pepper 1 1
Blighted Bone 5 5
Chroma Tear 1 1
Elite Orb of Alchemy 2 2
Ghost Bell 7 7
Heavy Gear 9 9
Ironwood 9 9
Meteor Mote 3 3
Miracloth 5 5
Mod Calibrator 1 1
Mug of Misery 2 2
Perfect Snowball 1 1
Rocky Core 2 2
Shining Fire Crystal 21 21
Silver Coil 5 5
Thunderball 2 2
Trojan Horseshoe 1 1
3 Star Materials Now Most
Advanced Orb of Alchemy 0 4
Brute Core 15 15
Bushy Tail 14 14
Dead Gold 15 15
Divine Stone 3 3
Drake Scale 9 9
Fiendish Amu Glyph 2 2
Fiendish Nok Glyph 1 1
Fiendish Sol Glyph 1 1
Fiendish Tor Glyph 1 1
Fiendish Ur Glyph 4 4
Fine Fabric 7 7
Force Dynamo 12 12
Glowing Fire Crystal 12 51
Hailstone 9 9
Phial of Phear 4 4
Power Stone 3 3
Redwood 14 14
Rocket Sprocket 16 16
Shadow Stone 3 3
Soul Dust 17 17
Torchstone 7 7
Toxic Core 8 8
Unstable Core 16 16
Volt Oil 3 3
Wicked Idol 10 10
2 Star Materials Now Most
Blast Powder 14 14
Cooling Cell 18 18
Critter Carapace 62 62
Driftwood 51 51
Evo Catalyst 1 1
Forbidden Fruit 10 10
Frayed Fabric 32 32
Frost Gel 16 16
Fuel Canister 22 22
Gel Core 56 56
Grave Soil 36 36
Gremlin Gizmo 35 35
Iron Gear 34 34
Monster Bone 53 53
Nightshade 24 24
Owlite Feather 40 40
Power Cell 7 7
Sinful Brew 20 20
Static Clinger 6 6
Swordstone 36 36
Warm Fire Crystal 329 329
Waste Module 19 19
1 Star Materials Now Most
Beast Scale 71 71
Brimstone 51 51
Bronze Bolt 90 91
Dim Fire Crystal 3 12
Divine Mote 0 4
Ecto Drop 106 106
Flawed Orb of Alchemy 0 3
Gel Drop 112 112
Power Mote 3 3
Scrap Metal 109 109
Shadow Mote 3 3
Sharp Fang 208 208
Spark Plug 217 217
Vile Seal 154 154
0 Star Materials Now Most
Blue Shard 157 157
Cracked Fire Crystal 4 16
Crimsonite 136 136
Dark Matter 146 146
Dark Shard 157 157
Green Shard 185 185
Light Shard 294 296
Luminite 147 147
Moonstone 147 147
Red Shard 189 189
Valestone 138 138
Cobalt Crest
Stunning Crest
Solid Cobalt Crest
Recon Module: Gloaming Wildwoods
Recon Module: Ironclaw Munitions Factory
Recon Module: Royal Jelly Palace