honzi.cz/Personal Bests/Steam
Statistic PB
Badges 5
Games 79
Games 100% Achieved 7/46 (14.8936170%)
Gems 1,276
Groups 1
Items 1,128
Level 10
Tools 93
XP 1,061
Badge Status
Collection Agent
Gem Maker
Pillar of Community 20/28 (71.4285714%)
The Great Steam Treasure Hunt
Years of Service 10
BattleBlock Theater Items Notes
Rice Pilaf
Dota Items Notes
Cursed Helm of Impending Transgressions
H1Z1 Items Notes
Camo Green Cap
Skull Graphic T-Shirt
Killing Floor Items Notes
Headband | Green
Might Quest for Epic Loot Items Notes
Aged Oak Castle Theme
Minimum Items Notes
Berzerker Chestplate
Rust Items Notes
Green Cap
Sins of a Dark Age Items Notes
Unturned Items Quality
Astronaut Bottom Uncommon
Astronaut Top Uncommon
Banana Shirt Common
Biker Jacket Uncommon
Carrot Nose Epic
Colorful Bowtie Common
Colorful Tie Common
Corduroy Pants Common
Corduroy Shorts Common
Designer Jeans Common
Detective Bottom Uncommon
Detective Cap Uncommon
Detective Top Uncommon
Ember T-Shirt Common
Festive Bottom Rare
Festive Top Rare
Fish Shirt Common
Flower Shirt Common
Halloween Bottom Rare
Halloween Top Rare
Heart Shirt Common
Holiday Sweater Rare
Jolt T-Shirt Epic
Khaki Pants Common
Khaki Shorts Common
Magic Bottom Uncommon
Magic Top Uncommon
Mummy Bottom Rare
Mummy Top Rare
Outfit Jeans Common
Paper Hat Rare
Pilot Jacket Uncommon
Pirate Bottom Uncommon
Pirate Top Uncommon
Reindeer Nose Epic
Skeleton Bottom Rare
Snowman Bottom Rare
Snowman Top Rare
Snow Shirt Common
Spart T-Shirt Common
Tornado Shirt Common
Trouser Pants Common
Trouser Shorts Common
Turtle Shirt Common
Wave Shirt Common
White Tuxedo Bottom Uncommon
White Tuxedo Top Uncommon
Work Jeans Common
Zombie Grinder Items Notes
Indestructable Cat Ears