JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, and WebGL Notes
  • I created common, a generic library shared by all my repositories on GitHub Pages.
  • common contains a custom WebGL game engine that was coded from scratch.
git Notes
  • This includes GitHub and GitHub Pages.
Environments, Scripts, and Tools Notes
  • Primary OS is Ubuntu Linux. Secondary OS is Windows 10.
  • I aim to create a custom version of every type of software.
  • All my code is written using my custom text editor TextEditor.gtk.
  • All my colors are selected using my custom color selector ColorSelector.htm.
  • All my images and textures are created using my custom image editor PixelEditor.htm.
Documentation Notes
  • I aim to create detailed documentation for each one of my repositories and each one of the games that I play.
C and GTK Notes
  • iterami/common also contains common C and GTK code, and is automatically used during iterami GTK repository "make".
Game Development Notes
  • I aim to create one custom game for each genre/mechanic.
AI Notes
Other Notes
Gaming Notes
  • I play as a collector/achiever, aiming to collect/complete as much as possible without spending money.
  • I document all of my progress and collections, even things the games do not track.